Note: All inputs are disabled below until you have succesfully connected to the T800


I would advise not to run for long periods of time to prevent damage/wear on functional parts and potential overheating of components.
I have successfully run mine continuously for 30 minutes and not had any issues but I'd advise you don't run it for much longer at any given time.
I would ALWAYS RECOMMEND THAT YOU TURN IT OFF AT THE MAINS WHEN NOT IN USE and don't leave it switched on and in an idle state, servos will still get power and hold position and over time you will burn them out.


Toggle Leds

Fire Plasma


Play Movie Score

Play Custom Movie Score


You selected: Sarah Connor

Select a action once and hit the button (No Problemo) to run a sequence, to stop a action select it again and hit the button to cancel it.
You can't currently cancel Activate, Deactivate, T1 Epic mode and T2 Epic modes.

You selected: Activate T800

D-Pad & O-Pad

Used for posing only
(use manual controls below for further options)

D-Pad: Head Up, Down, Left & Right
O-Pad: Eyes Left & Right
O-Pad: Jaw Up & Down

Manual Controls

Move sliders to desired position to control each function

Tap each label to return each function to default position